Russells’ Plums in the market

We’ve been in Auckland this week, checking out the fruit as it hits stores. What a great reminder of all the people and processes it takes to get these beautiful plums from our trees into your hands!

Check out all this delicious summerfruit ready and waiting to go into the kids’ lunchboxes as school goes back next week:

New Year, New Crop

Happy New Year, everyone!

We’ve kicked our 2016 off with a good harvest of Rozee, and are just getting into the other varieties this week.

There’s a great crew of pickers working and the plums look big, juicy and ready to eat.

Through the frosty spring.

IMG_0137By this time of year we’re starting to relax with the threat of spring frosts all but behind us. There were a few scares in the last couple of months, but with the windmills, heaters etc. (and some sleepless nights), our marvellous crop of plums has come through pretty unscathed.

The bees pollinated the crop well, and the whole orchard glowed white with blossom for a good few weeks there. Spring in the Bay, nothing beats it.